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In Pat’s latest best-seller, The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business, he makes an overwhelming case that organizational health will surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage. Drawing on his extensive consulting experience and reaffirming many of the themes cultivated in his other best-selling books, Pat reveals the four actionable steps to achieving long-term, sustainable success.

Explore The Advantage Model An organization is healthy when it is whole, consistent and complete, when its management, operations and culture are unified. Healthy organizations outperform their counterparts, are free of politics and confusion and provide an environment where star performers never want to leave. The Advantage provides readers with a groundbreaking, approachable model for achieving organizational health.

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The resources listed below include general book information and a series of downloads referenced in the back section of the book. The icon to the right provides more in-depth information on the model and free tools to begin the process of building a healthy organization.

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The Advantage

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Advantage Site

Praise for Getting Naked


The Advantage has more common sense in its 200 pages than I have ever found in a business book. A must read.”

— Colleen Barrett

president emeritus

Southwest Airlines Co.; coauthor, Lead with LUV

“Here is the next business classic. Even the best leaders will read this and wonder, ‘why aren't we already doing this?’”

— Enrique Salem

president and CEO


“We are doing what most said could not be done in a down economy - start and exponentially grow a business. Using Lencioni’s model for organizational health is an everyday choice and a way of life for our company.”

— Liz Townsend


My Fit Foods

“Lencioni's approach to organizational health is a game-changer. It's a whole new way of looking at competitive advantage.”

— Jeff Scherer

senior vice president

Bain Capital

“For more than a decade I've been using Lencioni's approach to run the departments I lead, and it has never failed me.”

— Rick Friedel

vice president

AT&T Service Management

“Our teams and leaders have really embraced Lencioni's methodology. We've put these ideas into practice and we're experiencing the results that prove it works.”

— David Gordon


The Cheesecake Factory

“In The Advantage, Lencioni cuts through the corporate “bull” that creates a culture of stonewalling and feet dragging, and shows leaders at every level how to build up a culture of productivity and communication.”

— Dave Ramsey

New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host

“Lencioni’s organizational health principles and practices allowed our organization to tap into its intellectual capital and talent like never before. We are seeing organizational transformation right before our eyes.”

— Steve Burr

senior vice president

Carolinas HealthCare System

“When I first told my team that we were going to work on organizational health, everybody rolled their eyes and thought it was going to be touchy-feely. They quickly realized it wasn’t. As a result of implementing Lencioni’s program, we now know exactly who we are, what we do, why we do it, and who can be successful in our company. Our culture and bottom line have both been transformed.”

— Clinton Anderson


Downunder Horsemanship

“After two years of work around organizational health, we had our best year ever in the midst of the most challenging time our market has ever faced. We can’t imagine having the success we did had we not adopted this approach.”

— Peter Levangie


Bay State Milling

“Our work around organizational health helped us recognize our state of crisis and found it wasn’t due to market conditions; rather, it was because we were broken as a team and on a trajectory for failure as a business. Taking on organizational health as a priority has been nothing short of transformational.”

— Matt Danilowicz

president and managing director


“The work we have done around organizational health saved us. It is the reason we are in the position we are today.”

— Jeff Sackrison


Chowan Hospital

“Our consistent focus on organizational health continues to provide us with a real competitive advantage. If the world had discovered Patrick Lencioni sooner, there would be fewer complex leadership and management cult theories, and more effective leaders.”

— Gordon Samson

managing director

Williams Lea

“We have learned that in order for us to be successful at work, literally saving lives, we need to be healthy. Working through the organizational health material has helped us clarify who we are, what we do, and what kind of behaviors we expect from people. This work has allowed us to minimize organizational politics and has profoundly impacted our ability to carry out our mission.”

— Elaine Berg

former president and CEO

New York Organ Donor Network

“Our company has grown over 50 percent during the last three years of economic turmoil. It started with the game-changing work of Patrick Lencioni and our focus on organizational health. I spent my academic and professional career focused on ‘smart,’ with little attention to ‘healthy.’ We were out of balance; now we are not. The results speak for themselves.”

— Richard M. Heard


Insight Investments

“We have made Lencioni’s methodology core to our long-term strategic roadmap. The results have been nothing short of fantastic. Employee satisfaction, communication, cooperation, and true teamwork have all improved dramatically— ensuring our spot on Inc. magazine’s list of fastest growing companies for the sixth year in a row.”

— Smith Yewell



“The principles of organizational health have deeply impacted our company and continue to serve as a driving force for us as we grow and develop. The organizational clarity piece prompted us to become aligned and realize that we needed to make fundamental shifts in many aspects of our business. With determination and consistency, we exceeded all our goals.”

— Steven C. Cooper

president and CEO


“Our work around organizational health is literally giving kids the opportunity to go to college. We finally have the team, the culture, and the systems in place to work through the inevitable challenges we must overcome to achieve our goals.”

— Tom Torkelson

founder and CEO

IDEA Public Schools

“By using the organizational health model, we have created an extraordinary and productive work environment. The design and construction industry has taken note, and we have had many outsiders ask what is so special about our approach.”

— Jay Leopold

regional manager

DPR Construction

“By applying the tenets of organizational health, we have moved farther forward in the last eighteen months than we had the previous four years. Many of the employees had legacy issues and didn’t think we could actually change. We have proved that we can and the group is enjoying the benefits of being part of a high-performing team.”

— Lynn Sasser

executive leader

Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

“As a leader in our field, we were suffering from acute growing pains with no end in sight. Since adopting organizational health as the core of everything we do, our business is back on track with renewed energy and momentum. Our staff, our clients, our families, and our bottom line have reaped the benefits of making organizational health a priority.”

— Ken Allman

founder and CEO

Press and Reviews


Publisher’s Weekly

“Consulting executive Lencioni (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team) has an answer for floundering businesses — aim for organizational health. In other words, businesses that are whole, consistent, and complete, with complementary management, operations, strategy, and culture. Today, the vast majority of organizations have more than enough intelligence, experience, and knowledge to be successful. Organizational health is neither sexy nor quantifiable, which is why more people don't take advantage. However, improved health will not only create a competitive advantage and better bottom line, it will boost morale. Lencioni covers four steps to health: build a cohesive leadership team, create clarity, overcommunicate clarity, and reinforce clarity. Through examples of his own experiences and others', he addresses the behaviors of a cohesive team, peer-to-peer accountability, office politics and bureaucracy and strategy, and how all organizations should strive to make people's lives better. This smart, pithy, and practical guide is a must-read for executives and other businesspeople who need to get their proverbial ducks back in a row.”

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Healthy organizations enjoy minimal politics and confusion, high levels of morale and productivity, low turnover rates and recruiting costs. Our consultants help leaders and their organizations harness their potential and outperform their competition.

Consultants help organizations address organizational health in a number of ways:

  • Senior leadership team offsites
  • Ongoing leadership team consulting
  • Organizational wide program development

Visit the Consulting section of our website for more on our services or fill out the consulting inquiry form below:

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If you are interested in learning more about our services, please feel free to fill out the form below. If you prefer to talk about our consulting and training offerings via phone, please call our vice president of consulting, Jeff Gibson at 925-299-9705.


Speaking Services

Speaking Services

Pat Lencioni brings his models on organizational health, teamwork, leadership and employee engagement to tens of thousands of leaders each year. Consistently the top rated keynote speaker at major conferences, Pat shares his models and inspires his audiences through his accessibility, humor and story-telling. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations, professional organizations, non-profits and educational institutions. Many of these clients have invited Pat back because of the outstanding quality of his performances and the high take-away value.

Whether you're rolling out a new culture initiative, developing your leaders, or seeking a thought-
provoking, engaging and relevant keynote speaker for your group, we can help.

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To inquire about Pat’s availability, please contact Alison Knox at 925.299.9706 or email Or you may complete our easy-to-use online Speaking Inquiry Form below. Please note that we receive dozens of requests on a weekly basis and will make every effort to respond to your inquiry in an expeditious manner.