Patrick Lencioni

Recognized as a true pioneer in leadership and business, Patrick Lencioni is a New York Times best-selling author and according to the Wall Street Journal "one of the most in demand speakers in America." In 2008, he was named by Fortune magazine as "one of the new gurus you should know."

Lencioni is the architect of organizational health, a concept that he calls the last competitive advantage in business today.

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New Book from Patrick Lencioni

The Ideal Team Player:
How to Recognize and Cultivate the Three Essential Virtues

"If someone were to ask me to make a list of the most valuable qualities a person should develop in order to thrive in the world of work — and for that matter life — I would put being a team player on top," writes Patrick Lencioni in the introduction to his much-anticipated new book. The Ideal Team Player, the 11th in a collection of best-sellers, focuses on the individual and reveals the three essential virtues that make some people better team players than others. Lencioni provides practical tools for identifying and developing ideal team players among prospective job candidates and current employees.

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Since 1998, Patrick Lencioni has been writing about the most relevant and pressing issues facing leaders and their organizations, selling over five million books in more than 30 different languages. By combining compelling, realistic story-telling with practical models and solutions, Lencioni has established a loyal following of readers, ranging from executives and entrepreneurs to practitioners and students.

Products and Free Tools: RX for Healthy Organizations

The Table Group offers a collection of products, assessments, videos and free, downloadable resources related to organizational health, teamwork, employee engagement and a host of other topics. These resources are compelling, practical and designed for immediate implementation by leaders and practitioners.

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Consulting Services

The Table Group provides consulting services for leaders and their executive teams who want to tap into the sustainable competitive advantage that is a result of building healthy organizations

Our dedicated, passionate group of consultants help leaders implement our concepts in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 and mid-size companies to start-ups and non-profits.

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Speaking Services

Named one of "America's top five speakers" by the Wall Street Journal, Patrick Lencioni addresses thousands of leaders every year at world class organizations and national conferences.

A master storyteller, Lencioni inspires audiences with his combination of insight, accessibility and humor. Though each speech is customized to the unique needs of his audiences, Lencioni most frequently addresses topics ranging from organizational health and teamwork to leadership and employee engagement.

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Our Story

In the late 90s, amidst a business climate focused on rapid growth fueled by technology, strategy, finance and marketing, Patrick Lencioni came to the conclusion that too many executives were largely ignoring fundamental issues related to the overall effectiveness of the organizations they were leading. He was convinced that dysfunction, confusion and politics were preventing even the most brilliant strategies, marketing concepts and technological advancements from realizing their full potential.

So, in 1997, Lencioni and a group of colleagues founded The Table Group, and introduced the concept of organizational health to the world. Even then they believed that it was the most untapped competitive advantage in business, and two decades later, that belief is being confirmed.

Lencioni has sold over 5 million books that have been translated into 30 languages , and has spoken to or consulted with hundreds of thousands of leaders. Today, The Table Group and a team of consultants around the world are helping CEOs make their organizations healthier in just about every industry imaginable, from Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies to start-ups and non-profits. In addition, their products and tools are being used by leaders and practitioners who understand the power of organizational health. More Information

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