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Thoughts From The Field

Thoughts from the Field - Issue #18 - Organizational Health Drives Decision-Making

By Jeff Gibson
January 2014

One of the many benefits of having a healthy organization is that decision-making becomes more focused as leaders are able to use the elements of organizational clarity to guide their discussions and, ultimately, their decisions.

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Three Profiles in Organizational Humility

June 2005

There is nothing like humility in a leader to bring out the best in people. Humble leaders provoke levels of loyalty, commitment and performance that more ego-centric ones can't quite elicit or understand.

To a large extent, the same can be said of organizations. When combined with a clear sense of purpose and drive, humility can propel a seemingly ordinary company to achieve uncommon results, usually by creating an environment of teamwork and willingness to learn from mistakes.

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Hiring Problems

June 2004

I continue to be amazed by the lack of rigor I see among managers, especially senior executives, who are hiring leaders to help run their companies. In spite of all the great books and studies out there about the benefits of behavioral interviewing and the need to "hire for fit, train for skill," I am constantly confronted by evidence that suggests people are still hiring the old-fashioned way: for resume skills.

In so many cases this leads to hiring people who might be "rock stars" in their own right, but who end up creating political problems that disrupt the team, and ultimately, the health of the organization.

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