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If everything is important...

March 2006

In my latest book, Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars, I present a model for achieving alignment across departments within an organization, and eliminating unnecessary and costly infighting. A pleasant by-product of that model is improved prioritization for companies, something that is sorely lacking for so many of them.

Most of the companies I have encountered over the years seem addicted to having a long list of "top" priorities. As a result, they're unable to focus on any one of them out of fear that doing so will somewhat increase the likelihood that others will fall by the wayside.

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The Upside of Crisis

January 2006

No one hopes for a crisis, and rightly so. Certainly this applies to teams and organizations. Most leaders would probably say one of their primary responsibilities is to prevent a crisis from occurring.

However, I have found that a powerful lesson for organizations can be found smack dab in the middle of a crisis. It isn't uncommon for a leader to say, "our team has never pulled together more than when we were facing a crisis." Maybe it's the prospect of going out of business or dealing with a public relations catastrophe or even a natural disaster that causes people to rally.

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