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"We've created CAPAPRO to equip you to bring organizational health to the world"
– Patrick Lencioni, Founder of the Table Group and Best-selling Business Author


What is CAPAPRO?

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Consultant and Practitioner Alliance

CAPAPRO is the professional affiliate network of Pat Lencioni and the Table Group. Members of CAPAPRO will have exclusive access to live events, proprietary content, training, tools, and advice from Lencioni and his firm to help them transform leaders, teams, and organizations.

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Who Should Join?

CAPAPRO is for anyone who is passionate about making organizations more effective and less dysfunctional. We have designed CAPAPRO to support those who want to use Lencioni's proven methodology more impactfully with clients. In doing so, we believe you will be more fulfilled in your career and experience more success.

  • Independent consultants and coaches
  • Internal practitioners and HR professionals
  • Leaders and Managers

What Are Members Saying?

I have used the Table Group tools for years with my clients but belonging to CAPAPRO has taken my practice to a whole new level.
-Tracey O., Coach
This week, I presented your organizational health model to an existing CEO client and in less than ten minutes, the response from him yielded a significant engagement that was solidified, thanks to CAPAPRO.
-Jeff M., Consultant
I read The Advantage book years ago and applied the model to my team. But to have this training through CAPAPRO on how to build my book of business, approach objections, and move teams through the four disciplines in a quick, painless, even fun way, has been priceless.
-Cindy F., Consultant, Coach and Executive Pastor
The tools worked so well that the client immediately signed up for more sessions.
-Steven S., Human Resources Executive
I met with a skeptical executive and his business partner, and what was to be a two-hour meeting, turned into three hours of immediate pain relief from their perspective. It was one of the most fulfilling days of my career!
-Stuart G., Founder and Principal Consultant
Just wanted to say I am really enjoying my CAPAPRO membership. As a fairly new consultant, I've been ripping through the content videos, in particular.
Clients have been asking me for this for a while, and now I feel confident I am going to be able to meet their needs and more in the years ahead.
-Andy G., Consultant

What's the Value?

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