Welcome to the Consultant & Practitioner Alliance (CAPA)

The focus of CAPA is two-fold:

  • To help you improve your ability to serve your clients, whether you're an independent consultant working with CEOs of small or medium-sized businesses, an internal HR or OD person serving a business unit manager, an executive coach, a trainer or any other kind of practitioner related to organizational health.
  • To provide you with a sense of support and community with people who share the same goal: to help leaders change the world of work so that organizations can be more effective and less dysfunctional, and employees can be more fulfilled and less miserable.
Daily Inspiration
"Success is not a matter of mastering subtle, sophisticated theory, but rather of embracing common sense with uncommon levels of discipline and persistence."

-Patrick Lencioni

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The Emerge Stronger Conference—Now On-demand

A virtual event, from our living room to yours, combining live commentary from Patrick Lencioni and 5 must-see recorded interviews and keynotes. Pat Lencioni and the Table Group team present some of the most impactful lessons from top leaders in the world of business to help strengthen your leadership and prepare you to emerge stronger into a new world of work. Hurry! On-demand viewing is only available through the end of May.

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Teamwork: Help Teams Become More Effective

Online Team Assessment: Assess Your Virtual Team

Take Advantage of 25% Off Our Five Dysfunctions of a Team Online Team Assessment

This is a great time to assess how your team and client teams are performing virtually against the Five Dysfunctions of a Team. And, we're offering 25% off of our Online Team Assessment, the definitive tool for leaders and managers looking to make their teams more cohesive and effective. No code; no coupon. Just add it to your cart, and we'll do the rest. Learn More

Podcast: The Five Dysfunctions of Virtual Teams
At the Table Podcast

This new virtual work environment poses unique challenges for teams looking to become more cohesive and effective. Pat and crew discuss how teams can overcome the five dysfunctions in a virtual world and emerge from this crisis better. Listen Now

PDF Downloads
  • Personal Histories Exercise PDF

    Purpose: To improve trust by giving team members an opportunity to demonstrate vulnerability in a low-risk way and to help team members understand one another at a fundamental level so that they can avoid making false attributions about behaviors and intentions.

  • Five Dysfunctions Model Overview PDF

    The first step toward reducing politics and confusion within your team is to understand that there are five dysfunctions to contend with, and address each that applies, one by one.

Thematic Goal: Help Teams Establish their Rally Cry

Silos Model

For More Help in Establishing a Thematic Goal:

A thematic goal provides a rallying cry for an organization–a clear direction for the entire organization for a fixed period of time determined by answering the question, "What is most important, right now?"

Podcast: What's Your Rally Cry?

Meetings: Help Teams Improve their Meetings

There Are 4 Different Types of Meetings:

Help your clients avoid meeting stew by creating the proper context for their discussions.

meeting model
meeting advantage

Make Your Clients' Meetings Matter

The Meeting Advantage is a web-based tool designed to solve one of the most painful and common realities in business — unfocused, ineffective and mediocre meetings.

The Meeting Advantage
  • Meetings & Movies

    Most meetings are bad – but they shouldn't be. Pat and Cody discuss how leaders can borrow from the secrets of screenwriters and film directors to make their meetings more compelling and engaging. Pat draws on his own experience writing screenplays, and presents concepts from his book Death By Meeting.

Tool Shed

Patrick Lencioni TEDx Talk

Pat Lencioni Has a TEDx Talk!

Are You an Ideal Team Player?

Watch This 13 Minute Video and Find Out

The Ideal Team Player

Livestreams Available on YouTube

Share the Talks with your Teams

Online Team Assessment

Naked Service Defined

Naked service requires the provider to be vulnerable—to embrace uncommon levels of humility, selflessness and transparency for the good of the client. Client loyalty and trust are achieved by overcoming the three fears.