Consulting Services

The Table Group provides consulting services for leaders and teams who want to make their organizations healthier. We have consultants around the world who work with organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Every situation is unique and our consultants customize their work to each client's particular needs.

Our Approach

Our consulting approach, outlined in Patrick Lencioni's book, Getting Naked, is to serve our clients from a place of transparency and humility. Everything we do is practical (not academic), relevant (not touchy feely) and fast (not slow or boring).

Our Services


While every client engagement is unique based on the needs of the leadership team and organization, the most common services we provide are:


For information on the products and management training we offer around The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Employee Engagement click on the images below.

Our Consultants

We have consultants throughout the U.S. and in countries around the world, including: Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa and China.

Leadership Team

Jeff  Gibson

Jeff Gibson

President, Table Group Consulting
Lafayette, CA
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Al  Amador

Al Amador

Vice President Consulting and Business Development
Layfayette, CA
E-mail | Bio
Rick  Packer

Rick Packer

Vice President Consulting
Atlanta, GA
E-mail | Bio
David  Simpson

David Simpson

Vice President Consulting
Dallas, TX
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Lynne  Fiorindo

Lynne Fiorindo

Director of Consulting Operations
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Principal Consultants

We have Principal Consultants throughout the United States as well as in the United Kingdom and Australia.

United States

Hrishi  Baskaran

Hrishi Baskaran

Dallas, TX / Toronto, ON
Tel: 401-556-5224
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Bob  Bernatz

Bob Bernatz

Newport Beach, CA
Tel 949.413.3963
E-mail | Bio
Pam  Bilbrey

Pam Bilbrey

Atlanta, GA / Pensacola, FL
Tel: 850.572.3750
E-mail | Bio
Gordon  Blocker

Gordon Blocker

Dallas, TX
Tel: 214.907.2442
E-mail | Bio
Debbie  Ellisen

Debbie Ellisen

Palo Alto, CA
Tel: 650.714.0309
E-mail | Bio
Ed  Eppley

Ed Eppley

Columbus, OH
Tel 937.603.8110
E-mail | Bio
James  Felton

James Felton

Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 480.395.4300
E-mail | Bio
Keith  Hadley

Keith Hadley

Chicago, IL
Phone: 708-539-5516
E-mail | Bio
Brad  Haynes

Brad Haynes

Germantown, TN
Tel: 901.896.6747
E-mail | Bio
Liz  Hughes

Liz Hughes

St. Louis, MO
Tel: 636.288.0521
E-mail | Bio
Chris  Jenson

Chris Jenson

Portland, OR
Tel: 925.570.8970
E-mail | Bio
Brian  Jones

Brian Jones

Gulf Breeze, FL
Tel: 850.712.7828
E-mail | Bio
Kristine  Kern

Kristine Kern

San Francisco, CA
Tel: 646.675.3242
E-mail | Bio
Waldemar  Kohl

Waldemar Kohl

Boston, MA
Tel: 603-918-2288
E-mail | Bio
Michael  Lorsch

Michael Lorsch

Mesa, AZ
Tel: 480.363.3806
E-mail | Bio
Glenn  Lyday

Glenn Lyday

San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415.279.9080
E-mail | Bio
Mike  McHargue

Mike McHargue

Boise, ID
Tel: 208.866.8622
E-mail | Bio
Pat  Richie

Pat Richie

Houston, TX
Tel: 925.785.2433
E-mail | Bio
John  Rodriguez

John Rodriguez

Dublin, CA
Tel: 510.543.4250
E-mail | Bio
David  Ross

David Ross

Thousand Oaks, CA
Tel: 805.217.6716
E-mail | Bio
Russ  Sabia

Russ Sabia

Boston, MA
Tel: 617.489.3009
E-mail | Bio
Shelly  Setzer

Shelly Setzer

Denver, CO
Tel: 719.660.3961
E-mail | Bio
Mary  Silva Doctor

Mary Silva Doctor

Nashville, TN
Tel: 615.686.0327
E-mail | Bio
Kevin  Twomey

Kevin Twomey

Cary, NC
Tel: 248.763.1790
E-mail | Bio
Rick  Van Arnam

Rick Van Arnam

Chicago, IL
Tel: 312.608.6556
E-mail | Bio

United Kingdom

Grant  Furlong

Grant Furlong

United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0) 1603 338523
E-mail | Bio
Mike  Snelling

Mike Snelling

United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)7734 942556
E-mail | Bio


Andrew  Moore

Andrew Moore

Brisbane, Queensland, AU
Tel +61 414 710 082
E-mail | Bio

Consulting Partners

In addition to our consultants, we partnered with a handful of firms around the world to deliver our content to leaders and their teams.

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Thoughts from the Field

Our principal consultants share their insights on implementing organizational health with clients.

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