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Joe Kay

Principal Consultant, The Table Group
Partner, Org. Health Limited

Joe brings almost 20 years of experience in leading people and organisations in testing conditions.  He has a diverse background in technology start-ups, business development, consulting and the military.  As a veteran of deployments to Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, he served as an infantry officer, helicopter pilot and head of operations for the UK Helicopter Force.

Joe has a passion for helping teams of people solve problems and transform their organizations.  After leaving the military, he founded a technology business to increase Collective Intelligence.  He has been using this knowledge to advise organizations for the last six years and to help leaders achieve organizational health.  His clients span a broad spectrum of various industries in multiple geographies, including e-commerce, financial services and technology. 

Joe has a vibrant yet inclusive style that can be adapted to be effective in all situations.  He enables excellence within diverse teams through facilitation, situational understanding and inclusive communication.

Joe’s approach is dynamic, considerate but with a clear focus on the competitive advantage that organisational health brings.  He regularly works with CEOs and executive teams in quickly and effectively applying the concepts captured in all of Patrick Lencioni's books.  He has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and a master's degree in Strategic Technology, which he uses to help clients prepare for the future. 

Joe lives with his wife and son in Berkshire, UK.

Partial Client List:

  • HSBC
  • KPMG
  • Aviva
  • FIS/Worldpay
  • Redgate
  • Thomson Reuters