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Krista Kotrla

Principal Consultant, The Table Group

CEOs and leadership team executives come to Krista when they want their organizations to be more effective, less dysfunctional, and their employees to be fulfilled and less miserable. Krista’s mission is to help leaders master the disciplines of organizational health. As a principal consultant and former client of The Table Group,Krista has been recognized for her down-to-earth ability to inspire transformation, results, and team cohesion.

Krista works regularly with leaders to quickly and effectively apply the concepts captured in all of Pat Lencioni's books. Her clients span a broad spectrum of various industries, including healthcare, medical devices, manufacturing, ministry and high tech.

Krista’s experience as a former C-suite executive and former Table Group client, helps her empathize, challenge, and coach leaders striving to build organizational health.She believes in equipping leaders with fast, practical, and relevant insights to maximize their competitive advantage.

Prior to joining The Table Group, Krista held leadership positions in manufacturing and medical technology industries. Those experiences solidified Krista’s firm belief that the single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health. Without it, strategy fails, the wellbeing of the team suffers, and as a result, families and communities suffer, too. Organizational health isn’t a job. It’s a mission.

Krista lives with her husband and three children in Dallas, TX.

Partial Client List

  • DealerBuilt
  • E4D Technologies
  • Entheos Audiology
  • First 15
  • NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes
  • Reilly International
  • U.S. Dept of Commerce


“The day I heard Krista give a presentation on the principles of The Advantage, I knew I had found a partner in our org health journey. Our company has had a focus on improving culture and employee engagement and have seen amazing results by following Patrick Lencioni’s books. Krista’s facilitation, coaching and feedback has further increased our clarity for the whole team and further aligned our leadership team.”

—Tammi Carter, CEO, E4D

“Krista’s passion for org health and tact in communication, is what our organization needed most to foster a new wave of growth. Because of her ongoing investment, our meetings are more productive and engaging, our teams are more connected and committed, and our organization is experiencing unprecedented results in our10-year history.”

—Craig Denison, Author and Founder, First15