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Managing for Employee Engagement: Self Assessment

The paper-based assessment is designed for managers to self-identify their susceptibility to the Three Signs. The assessment is self-scored and does not include employee feedback or a custom report.


Management Inventory

Our publisher, Pfeiffer, created a 180-degree online assessment that compiles data to provide a snapshot of a manager with behavior according to the Three Signs model. The customized report provides a manager's insights around the critical factors required for employee fulfillment and engagement.

Key Take-aways

  • Facilitator will receive a customized report that reviews the three signs model and reveals the 180-degree results.
  • The report highlights performance on an easy-to-read stoplight scale of red-yellow-green.
  • Initial results will provide a baseline for a manager’s behaviors in relation to the Three Signs.

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    1-99 $20.00 N/A
    100-499 $16.00 20%
    500-999 $15.00 25%
    1000 and Over $14.00 30%

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