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1. Being Smart is Overrated

By Patrick Lencioni - August 2019

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1. Being Smart is Overrated

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

In the first ever episode of At The Table with Patrick Lencioni, Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson discuss why the smartest companies don’t always win. He presents organizational health as the greatest competitive advantage in business and takes us back to his first job to discuss where it all started.  

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Show Notes

1:40 — Patrick Lencioni Describes Smart vs. Healthy 

3:55 — Launching The Table Group and the story behind the name 

5:05 — CEOs and presenting the case for Organizational Health 

6:57 — Principal Consultant Chris Jenson joins the podcast 

7:47 — Patrick Lencioni talks about why healthy companies get smarter over time 

9:29 — Patrick Lencioni, Cody Thompson, and Chris talk about the negative impacts dysfunctional teams can have 

15:11 — Patrick Lencioni describes what healthy organizations do 

17:47 — Patrick Lencioni talks about the 3 Biases leaders face against organizational health 

22:45 — Patrick Lencioni describes how organizational health applies to sports and culture 

24:51 — Patrick Lencioni describes “bad forensic analysis” 

26:54 — Chris Jenson describes the main difference in healthy companies 

31:23 — Patrick Lencioni talks about what advice he would give leaders  

31:23 — The importance of the Six Critical Questions 

35:57 — Patrick Lencioni describes “What if you are not a leader?” 

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