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11. The Simple, Effective, and Free Path to Loving Your Work

By Patrick Lencioni - October 2019

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11. The Simple, Effective, and Free Path to Loving Your Work

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Everyone needs three things in order to love their work. Chris joins Pat and Cody to discuss job fulfillment, employee satisfaction, and what managers need to give the people they lead. 

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Show Notes

3:40 — Anonymity - Patrick Lencioni describes why anonymity is the single greatest job killer 

5:30  Cody Thompson and Patrick Lencioni talk about the importance of “loving upward” 

6:48 — Patrick talks about the secret to the success of Dutch Brother’s and Black Bear Diner 

8:11 — Patrick Lencioni give a story why Southwest does this so well.  

9:35 — The reason Patrick Lencioni decided to write the book, The Truth About Employee Engagement 

11:00 — Fulfillment and dignity are free in the workplace 

11:18 — Every job has to have relevance and why you need to be clear on how your work impacts others 

14:30 — What is your role in finding fulfillment in your job? 

17:22 — Cody Thompson ask Patrick Lencioni, “Why don’t managers do this?” 

19:30 — If your job doesn’t matter to anybody, get rid of it.  

21:40 — Get a job that challenges you and you will be more fulfilled 

24:18 — Measurement – the importance of having a way of determining how well we are doing at our job.  

24:45 — People are often measuring the wrong thing when it comes to their job.  

27:00— Patrick Lencioni describes the difference between measurement and performance reviews.  

29:55 — Patrick Lencioni describes the simple way to turn a miserable job into a great one 

30:45 — Cody Thompson summarizes Anonymity, Relevance, and Measurement 


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