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12. One Question Every Company Must Answer

By Patrick Lencioni - October 2019

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12. One Question Every Company Must Answer

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Every organization needs clarity.  And the first question every company needs to answer is "Why do we exist?"  Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson sit down to discuss and offer real-world examples of clarity. 

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Show Notes

4:34 — Patrick Lencioni defines clarity.  

5:02 — Patrick Lencioni gives an overview of the six clarity questions

6:53 — Patrick Lencioni does a deep dive into question one ... why do we exist? 

8:09 — The Table Group’s core purpose. 

10:00 — Patrick Explains that there are different ways to answer question one.  

12:42 — Clarity example: Southwest Airlines  

15:00 — Clarity example: Zogenix 

15:24 — Clarity example: Sierra Cascade  

15:39 — Clarity example - VARI 

16:05 — Clarity example - Silver Oak Winery  

18:05 — Cody Thompson asks: what is the cost of taking your eye off your clarity? 

19:39 — Patrick Lencioni explains why organizations in the same industry can and should have different reasons for existence. 

20:41 — Cody Thompson asks: what is the cost of not having clarity within your organization?  

21:29 — Cody Thompson tells a story of the core purpose within his company Four Athletics.  

22:55 — Patrick Lencioni explains how a core purpose can differ from business to business within the same industry: example – food industry.  

24:58 — Clarity example: Chik-fil-A  

26:10 — Cody Thompson asks Patrick Lencioni how to get your team refocused on the organization’s clarity. 

27:55 — Cody Thompson asks Patrick Lencioni how much of clarity relates to attracting the right people. 

29:49 — Patrick Lencioni explains how important it is to be the Chief Reminding Officer. 

31:52 — Patrick Lencioni explains the difference between Aspirational, Accidental, Permission to Play and Core values.  

35:18 — Patrick Lencioni talks through finding balance between casual team building and wasting time.  

38:37 — Patrick Lencioni explains working in the business vs working on the business. 

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