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13. All-Pro CEO: Executive Lessons From a Former NFL Running Back

By Patrick Lencioni - November 2019

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13. All-Pro CEO: Executive Lessons From a Former NFL Running Back

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Episode Summary

Pat is joined by NFL All-Pro running back Justin Forsett to discuss leadership, teamwork and culture in professional sports and his new role as CEO of startup company, Shower Pill. Afterwards, Cody and Pat debrief and pick out the wisdom for leaders and teams. 

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Show Notes

1:45 — Justin Forsett talks about culture on teams in the NFL 

3:30 — Justin Forsett describes how building chemistry on a team is important  

5:15 — How ego can get in the way of simple success  

6:25  Patrick Lencioni asks how important character and vulnerability is in leadership  

8:30 — Patrick Lencioni asks, “What is it like to be a professional athlete?” 

10:30 — How Justin Forsett transitioned from an NFL player to entrepreneur  

11:31 — Justin Forsett meets Patrick Lencioni by tweeting about The Advantage  

11:52 — How Justin Forsett came up with the idea for the Shower Pill 

14:02 — What is the difference between being on a sports team and a business team 

15:06 — Justin Forsett “in business effort alone will not get it done” 

17:00 — The importance of being humble  

17:40 — The importance of communication on a virtual team 

18:28 — Patrick Lencioni asks about accountability in business and in a team 

19:53 — Where you can buy a Shower Pill 

21:00 — How to balance being an entrepreneur and CEO and having a family  

22:11 — Patrick Lencioni asks “what advice would you give someone trying to start their own business” 

24:27 — Cody Thompson and Patrick Lencioni reflect on the conversation with Justin Forsett 

26:05 — The importance of creating a culture where leaders and teams care about each other  

29:20 — Patrick Lencioni describes why clarity within an organization is so critical  

30:43 — Patrick Lencioni goes through the roles of a CEO, leadership, teamwork, clarity, reminding people  

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