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14. The Limits of Diversity - Creating a Real Company Culture

By Patrick Lencioni - November 2019

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14. The Limits of Diversity - Creating a Real Company Culture

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Question #2: How do we behave? Jeff joins Pat and Cody to discuss values and how to create culture in organizations. They break down some of the best and worst company cultures they have encountered and make a case for who shouldn't belong in your organization.

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Show Notes

3:00 — Patrick Lencioni explains Core Values (the most important). 

4:32 — Patrick Lencioni answers: why are there more than one type of value? 

5:20 — Patrick Lencioni defines Aspirational Values. 

5:40 — Jeff Gibson represents The Table Group’s first Aspirational Value.  

9:01 — Jeff Gibson explains the idea behind Permission to Play Values.  

11:12 — Patrick Lencioni contrasts Permission to Play vs Core Values using Enron as an example. 

12:12 — Core Values example: Southwest Airlines 

16:48 — Core Values example: Nordstrom  

18:34 — Core Values example: Cambridge Engineering  

20:26 — Patrick Lencioni and Jeff Gibson explain why churches struggle with Core Values. 

23:50 — Patrick Lencioni explains Accidental Values.  

25:35 — Accidental Values example within the fashion industry.   

26:59 — Cody Thompson asks Jeff Gibson and Patrick Lencioni how leaders correctly develop or define the organizations different values. 

29:04 — Patrick Lencioni tells a story of Accidental Values while working with a client.  

30:40 — Why you should make your values unique to who you are as an organization. 

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