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15. When Bigger Isn't Better

By Patrick Lencioni - November 2019

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15. When Bigger Isn't Better

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Pat and Cody discuss the benefits of small company culture and make the case that bigger isn't always better.

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Show Notes

1:19 — Patrick Lencioni describes why he thinks smaller companies are better  

1:25 — The importance of impactful leadership and the impact on the customer  

1:50 — The importance of the mission 

2:14 — Smaller companies have a higher likelihood of people feeling known, customers, employees, leaders 

3:12  Patrick Lencioni describes how smaller, local organizations can have a better impact 

5:18 — When a company can hold on to its independence, it can serve it’s customers and community better  

7:05 — Patrick Lencioni describes why he wants to keep The Table Group small 

8:54 — Cody Thompson asks Patrick Lencioni, “When do you know when your organization is too big?” 

10:52 — Patrick Lencioni on why companies have to institutionalize culture without bureaucratizing it 

12:12 — How Southwest is big without being overly bureaucratic  

12:44 — Patrick Lencioni describes why smaller companies might have more fulfilled employees  

13:32 — Why Patrick Lencioni doesn’t ascribe to a “grow or die mentality” 

17:08 — Patrick Lencioni talks about the human element in small businesses 

17:50 — Cody Thompson describes why people are will to spend more on quality  

18:12 — Patrick Lencioni talks through his thoughts on Uber 

20:00 — Why knowing the answer to question 4 is important for leaders and employees  

20:50 — The importance of entrepreneurship in business 

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