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16. The Most Important Organization in the World

By Patrick Lencioni - November 2019

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16. The Most Important Organization in the World

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Amy Hiett and Jeff Gibson join the podcast to talk about the most important organization in the world - family.  We discuss how to run your family with the same sense of intentionality and rigor we use in our businesses and answer The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family.  

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Show Notes

0:56 — Amy Hiett answers the question: what is the most important organization in the world?  

2:08 — How did Patrick Lencioni get inspired to write this book? 

3:58 — Patrick Lencioni explains how the business offsite process compares to family. 

4:50 — Patrick Lencioni defines question one: what makes your family unique? 

6:40 — Patrick Lencioni shares how to come up with your family values. 

7:15 — Patrick Lencioni shares his family values. 

8:58 — Amy Hiett shares her family values. 

10:10 — Jeff Gibson shares his family values.  

12:00 — Cody talks through how family values shape the future of your children.  

14:08 — Patrick Lencioni defines the next important question: what’s your family’s strategy? 

19:34 — Cody Thompson asks: how is running an organization different than running a family? 

21:25 — Patrick Lencioni defines question two: what’s the most important priority right now? 

24:30 — Patrick Lencioni’s current family rallying cry.  

25:43 — Amy Hiett’s current family rallying cry. 

26:55 — Jeff Gibson unpacks his current family rallying cry.  

27:48 — Jeff Gibson asks how this applies to a family of one. 

29:19 — Cody Thompson asks the question: why should families have standard operating objectives? 

30:54 — Patrick Lencioni defines question 3: How do you review these questions as a family?  

33:31 — Using the Table Group Meeting Advantage Tool for your weekly family meetings.  

34:08 — Do a monthly strategic meeting with your spouse/partner.  

34:56 — Listener example of family strategy.  

35:49 — Cody Thompson explains assigning green, yellow, red to your defining objectives and standard operating objectives. 


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