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17. The Best CEO You've Never Heard Of

By Patrick Lencioni - December 2019

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17. The Best CEO You've Never Heard Of

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Bobby Herrera stops by the podcast to talk about leadership, struggle, and building a world-class culture of "climbers" at his company Populus Group.  


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Show Notes

01:20 — Bobby Herrera describes his book The Gift of Struggle 

02:39 — Patrick Lencioni talks about the importance of struggle 

03:11 — Bobby Herrera on the importance of struggle in leadership 

04:00 — The path to wisdom: “The long way is the short cut” 

04:20 — Bobby Herrera tells a childhood story that changed the direction of his life 

07:10 — Clarity Questions 1: Why do we exist? 

08:16 — One of the most important parts of leadership is seeing and encouraging potential 

09:00 — Leaders should want more for their people than from them 

12:15 — Bobby Herrera on the importance of letting people know the impact they have on your life 

13:25 — Humility – The Chief Virture of the Wise 

14:30 — The Purpose of the Populus Group 

18:10 — Bobby Herrera and Patrick Lencioni talk about the importance of culture and knowing people 

19:32 — Bobby Herrera describes how he started the Populus Group 

23:18 — The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive  

24:57 —Give more than you take, go off the beaten path, speak from the heart – the Culture at the Populus Group 

26:40 — Patrick Lencioni asks Bobby Herrera “How you have been involved in making that culture real and communicating it?” 

28:15 — Bobby Herrera’s biggest mistake in his first 10 years and the difference between hiring and selecting 

35:50 — The difference between onboarding and “welcoming” at The Populus Group 

38:37 — Patrick Lencioni passionately describes why companies and leaders should learn from each other 

42:08 — Patrick Lencioni asks, “Have you ever had someone who seemed to fit the culture but didn’t perform?” 

45:18 —“The need for compassionate leaders has never been greater.” – Bobby Herrera 

46:50 — Cody Thompson joins Patrick Lencioni to debrief the interview with Bobby Herrera  

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