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22. Teamwork Dies Young

By Patrick Lencioni - January 2020

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22. Teamwork Dies Young

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson dives into the impact of youth sports on the culture of teamwork. 

Show Notes

1:12 — Patrick Lencioni reads his article titled “Teamwork Dies Young”.

7:13 — Cody Thompson and Patrick Lencioni explains how money has redirected the idea of teamwork. 

8:45 — Cody Thompson unpacks why early specializing in a specific sport leads to less skilled athletes. 

9:40 — The relationship of sports and the grind of an unhappy job. 

10:31 — Patrick Lencioni explains why early sport specialization is happening and what is the cost.

12:25 — Cody Thompson ask Patrick Lencioni how often companies fall victim to this same specialization mentality.

13:35 — There is an under-appreciation for a generalist type role. 

15:00 — Patrick Lencioni gives an example of a specialty athlete: Michael Phelps.

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