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23. Hard Culture

By Patrick Lencioni - January 2020

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23. Hard Culture

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

On this episode the team breaks down company culture. What do companies get right and why are so many organizations focused on perks? 

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Show Notes

0:30 — Cody Thompson, Patrick Lencioni, and Chris Jenson introduce Patrick’s new book The Motive

3:10 — Patrick Lencioni defines what Hard Culture is

4:10 — Patrick Lencioni talks about the difference between “Culture” and “perks”

5:50 — Perks do not matter if you don’t have a strong culture

6:10 — Cody Thompson explains why perks don’t retain people 

7:25 — Patrick Lencioni describes his first two jobs and how they had great perks but were terrible to work at

8:50 — Cody Thompson talks about what real “Hard Culture” looks like at a company

10:45 — What is the generational difference between Millennials and our parent’s generation when it comes to work?

12:50 — Chris Jenson talks about how hard culture is seen first by having good meetings

14:50 — The balance between culture and perks 

16:50 — Cody Thompson asks Patrick Lencioni which of the Six Critical Questions are most important when it comes to culture

18:08 — Patrick Lencioni believes that the physical working space is important for how companies work

19:00 — Cody Thompson describes the working space of The Table Group

19:40 — Chris Jenson gives a practical example of Hard Culture from one of his clients 

22:50 — Patrick Lencioni on Hard Culture within the San Francisco 49ers 

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