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24. “That’s Not Good Enough”

By Patrick Lencioni - January 2020

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24. “That’s Not Good Enough”

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

The team sits down to discuss four simple words that are not used enough on teams. And Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson introduce a new segment intended to deconstruct common corporate speak and the damage caused by sayings that are used in companies every day. 

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Show Notes

1:11  Patrick Lencioni tees up the topic by reading a short monologue. 

4:27  How short-term discomfort comes with positive long-term effects

5:26  Teams need to build a foundation of trust, healthy conflict and commitment in order to do this well. 

7:02  An example of when Patrick Lencioni is told, “That’s not good enough”

7:50  Cody Thompson asks Patrick Lencioni: what are bad personal economics?

9:30  Cody, Chris and Jeff unpack the idea that being nice is not the same as being kind.

10:40  “That’s not good enough” is a statement meant to help someone get better. 

12:17  Chris Jenson unpacks how this will affect a team in the business world? 

13:13  Jeff Gibson relates this topic to family.

14:08  Patrick Lencioni shares what this looks like within the Table Group team.

16:45  Cody Thompson explains real time permission for using this concept with your team

17:54  Chris Jenson explains that teams need to lean into the discomfort in order to call out the best in the members of your team.

19:24  Corporate mumbo-jumbo: “praise in public, criticize in private”.  What does Patrick Lencioni think of this phrase? 

22:05  Chris Jenson tells us to redefine “private” as “in front of the team”.

23:38  Cody Thompson explains hub and spoke accountability vs peer to peer accountability.

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