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28. Pat's Brand New Book - The Motive

By Patrick Lencioni - February 2020

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28. Pat's Brand New Book - The Motive

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni’s new book, The Motive is out today! Cody Thompson takes the host spot to dig into Patrick Lencioni’s latest thinking on leadership and what might be his most important book yet. Listen and discover your motive.

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Show Notes

0:56 — Of Patrick Lencioni’s twelve books, The Motive should be the first one you read. 

2:16 — Patrick Lencioni contrasts the two leadership motives: Reward vs Responsibility. 

3:12 — How Patrick Lencioni came up with the idea for The Motive

4:48 — Cody Thompson asks Patrick Lencioni: what’s the cost of having the wrong motive? 

6:27 — Patrick Lencioni explains that leaders need to have really hard conversations. 

8:14 — Patrick Lencioni admits that all leaders slide in-between both motives at times.

9:37 — Cody Thompson shares that this book is very engaging but also short. 

11:14 — Patrick Lencioni explains: Chief Executive Officer vs Chief Executing Officer.

12:08 — The five responsibilities many leaders abdicate. 

12:38 — 1) Having Difficult and Uncomfortable Conversations

13:53 — 2) Running Great Team Meetings

15:39 — 3) Developing the Leadership Team

16:46 — 4) Managing Subordinates (and making them manage theirs)

18:12 — 5) Communicating Constantly and Repetitively to Employees 

21:00 — Patrick Lencioni gives advice to leaders who think their motive might be off. 

22:57 — Patrick Lencioni explains his idea behind servant leadership. 

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