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29. Behind the Scenes of Writing a Book

By Patrick Lencioni - March 2020

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29. Behind the Scenes of Writing a Book

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni and the team sit down to discuss the book writing process and tell some of their favorite stories from the last 20 years and 12 books. 

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Show Notes

1:10 — Cody Thompson asks the team how book writing really happens

2:55 — Patrick Lencioni describes the importance of having a great editor

4:05 — Amy Hiett asks Patrick Lencioni what the hardest book was to write

6:00 — Patrick Lencioni talks about how he comes up with ideas for new books

7:45 — How long does it take Patrick Lencioni to write a book?

9:24 — The concept of slowing down to go fast

10:14 — Cody Thompson asks Patrick Lencioni if he bases characters on real people

12:28 — What does the industry term “Eat your children” refer to.

14:30 — Cody Thompson asks Patrick Lencioni what his favorite book is

15:48 — Tracy Noble talks about how Patrick Lencioni often struggles with endings

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