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30. LIVE - Make Your Meetings Matter

By Patrick Lencioni - March 2020

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30. LIVE - Make Your Meetings Matter

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

In a special episode recorded live from the stage of Table Group's UnConference, Patrick Lencioni, Cody Thompson and Chris Jenson tackle one of the most important activities in business - meetings.  They take questions from the audience and explore how to run better, more effective meetings.  

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Show Notes

1:59 — If Patrick Lencioni was going to assess a company, he’d observe a meeting first. 

4:08 — The two reasons why meetings suck.

4:33 — Patrick Lencioni explains reason one: they are boring.

5:45 — Chris Jenson unpacks why people like movies and hate meetings. 

6:31 — Healthy conflict and tension are important to make meetings exciting and engaging. 

8:18 — Cody Thompson tells us about his first meeting at The Table Group. 

9:08 — Patrick Lencioni explains reason two: they are ineffective. 

9:39 — Patrick Lencioni unpacks the idea of Meeting Stew. 

11:10 — The four meeting types:

11:38 — 1) Daily Check-In

13:14 — 3) Monthly Adhoc Strategic 

14:43 — 4) Quarterly Off-Site 

15:58 — 2) Weekly Tactical 

16:23 — Patrick Lencioni explains why you should never sit through a boring meeting again. 

17:05 — Patrick Lencioni talks about coming up with the team’s real-time agenda. 

23:03 — Patrick Lencioni unpacks what bad meetings look like.

23:53 — Cody Thompson explains tactical topics vs strategic topics. 

25:34 — Cody Thompson tells a funny story about bad meetings. 

27:18 — Chris Jenson tells teams that a struggling how to get started with the new meeting model. 

28:31 — Question from the live audience: Can virtual meetings be great?

31:20 — Question from the live audience: How can teams assess their defining objective more efficiently?

34:06 — Question from the live audience: Should you minimize 1-1 meetings while still giving individual feedback?

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