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31. Leadership Doesn’t Stop

By Patrick Lencioni - March 2020

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31. Leadership Doesn’t Stop

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni offers some advice for leading in uncertain times.

Show Notes

1:50 — Patrick Lencioni describes the importance of leaders stepping up during the shut down

3:30 — The three things that leaders need to do during this time 

3:34 — One: Leaders Need to be exceedingly human

6:00 — Chris Jenson ask Patrick Lencioni what it means to be exceedingly human

8:02 — Two: It is time for leaders to be consistent

9:45 — Now is the time for leaders to communicate to their teams more than ever

10:46 — Three: Be Creative as a leader

12:00 — Cody Thompson talks about the importance of leaders looking back at this time and being proud of how they responded

12:55 — Chris Jenson talks about the importance of team meetings during shutdown

14:45 — Cody Thompson and Patrick Lencioni talk about how leaders will either emerge from this stronger or weaker – there is no staying the same

16:51 — Chris Jenson asks Patrick Lencioni what would cause a leader to come out of this less effective

17:10 — Patrick Lencioni cautions leaders around the three things they should avoid during this time

17:19 — Avoid “Business as usual”

17:29 — Avoid “Giving people space”

17:39 — Avoid “Trying to look like a perfect leader”

18:08 — How this time can be a strategic time to relook at our strategy

19:27 — Chris Jenson talks about the importance of collaboration on virtual meetings

20:30 — Cody Thompson describes the importance of having a Rallying Cry during quarantine

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