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32. How Do You Measure Success?

By Patrick Lencioni - March 2020

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32. How Do You Measure Success?

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson discuss success, performance and dignity.  

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Show Notes

3:08  Patrick Lencioni answers the question: what does it mean to be successful as a company? 

5:14  Cody Thompson and Patrick Lencioni discuss how this relates to sports and Tom Brady. 

8:45  What does it look like to be an unhealthy organization? 

10:02  Patrick Lencioni shares his experience in unhealthy organizations. 

11:24  The Table Group talks about success as how you feel when you pull into the company parking lot.

13:20  Cody Thompson asks: what does success mean during an economic downturn? 

14:56  Patrick Lencioni shares The Table Group’s new rallying cry during COVID-19. 

16:30  Cody Thompson shares an example of a business owner getting creative during COVID-19. 

17:53  Patrick Lencioni talks about helping vendors survive financially during this time. 

18:20  Providing value during this pandemic.

18:42  Table Group Consultants and Practitioner Alliance group. 

20:05  Patrick Lencioni’s TedX Talk on The Ideal Team Player.

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