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37. Lean in to Discomfort

By Patrick Lencioni - April 2020

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37. Lean in to Discomfort

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Including a special recorded interview segment with Alan Mulally, the former CEO of Ford and Boeing, Patrick Lencioni and team discuss the benefits and rewards of leaning in to uncomfortable conversations.

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Show Notes

1:05 — Patrick Lencioni talks about how the best leaders welcome uncomfortable conversations

2:58 — What percentage of the time leaning into tough conversations is beneficial at The Table Group

3:45 — Cody Thompson asks how to identify uncomfortable situations that are worth leaning into

5:28 — More than 60% of the time leaders struggle to have hard conversations with their teams

5:55 — Patrick Lencioni introduces Alan Mulally and why he is such a great leader

6:50 — Joyful Accountability

7:00 — Alan Mulally describes how he leaned into discomfort at Ford Motor Company

11:49 — The importance of leaning into the danger 

12:28 — Cody Thompson talks about behavioral accountability 

13:11 — Patrick Lencioni defines “entering the danger” and why it is important for leaders 

15:10 — Chris Jenson describes his experience at The Table Group and how it is different than anywhere he has worked

18:30 — The team discusses the importance of love and truth

23:48 — Having the conversation is always better than not having it

26:32 — Cody Thompson challenges listeners on what to take away from this podcast

29:28 — Patrick Lencioni reframes the definition of love

30:10 — Cody Thompson introduces the Emerge Stronger Conference 

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