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4. The Power of Naked Service

By Patrick Lencioni - August 2019

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4. The Power of Naked Service

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Pat and Cody are joined by a few colleagues (Jeff, James, and Chris) to discuss three counter-intuitive ways to win client loyalty and turn existing clients into raving fans. They explore the benefits of “getting naked” and offer advice on how to overcome the fears that can prevent you from securing new clients and building your business. Pat even shares his most embarrassing moment working with a client... this episode is a fun one!

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Show Notes

2:27 — Patrick Lencioni defines Getting Naked.  

2:55 — Chris Jenson explains the core of naked service.  

3:50 — James Felton tells a story about Getting Naked.   

5:17 — Getting Naked does not require expertise. 

6:57 — Patrick Lencioni lays out the fears behind Getting Naked.    

7:12 — Patrick Lencioni explains the first fear: losing the business. 

7:45 — Patrick Lencioni and Chris Jenson unpack building trust through Getting Naked.  

8:46 — Jeff Gibson and Patrick Lencioni discuss telling the kind truth and admitting mistakes. 

9:27 — Patrick Lencioni tells a personal story around hearing the kind truth. 

10:12 — Jeff Gibson and Chris Jenson discuss giving away the business.  

12:05 — A great example of the power of naked service: auto mechanics.  

13:43 — Chris Jenson explains how he found his CPA through naked service. 

15:05 — Chris Jenson explains how losing the business is a gripping fear from most leaders.  

16:20 — Patrick Lencioni explains the second fear: being embarrassed. 

16:47 — Chris Jenson tells an embarrassing story.  

17:39 — Patrick Lencioni tells an even more embarrassing story.  

18:13 — The team unpack pride and humility within Getting Naked. 

21:02 — Patrick Lencioni explains the fear of asking a dumb question. 

21:38 — Patrick Lencioni tells a story of asking a dumb question.  

22:43 — Being human creates loyalty.  

23:18 — James Felton tells a story of when Getting Naked didn’t work out so well...but it was still the right thing to do.  

25:22 — Patrick Lencioni explains the third fear: feeling inferior to your client. 

25:37 — Chris Jenson tells a funny story about this fear.  

26:54 — Jeff Gibson and Chris Jenson unpack the willingness to do the dirty work with clients. 

28:58 — Patrick Lencioni and Chris Jenson give real life examples of Getting Naked.

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