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44. What Do You Suck At?

By Patrick Lencioni - June 2020

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44. What Do You Suck At?

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson discuss the importance of identifying, airing, and even celebrating your weaknesses. 

Show Notes

1:05 — Patrick Lencioni argues for vulnerability is at the heart of true leadership and teamwork.

1:50 — Patrick Lencioni explains why vulnerability allows people to build trust, the foundation of a cohesive team.

3:04 — Cody Thompson shares why vulnerability is more than just saying you’re sorry, it’s about airing and celebrating your weaknesses.

4:47 — Cody Thompson shares some of his obvious weaknesses, but great team players admit the weaknesses they should be good at.

6:41 — Cody Thompson asks the question: how do people know what their weaknesses are?

7:41 — Cody Thompson shares a practical analogy: a basketball team.

8:23 — Patrick Lencioni answers the question: how do people know what their weaknesses are?

10:08 — Most team members appreciate when others admit their weakness and like to help.

10:58 — Self-reflection on behavioral weaknesses are uncomfortable, but necessary.

11:55 — Patrick Lencioni admits to an embarrassing weakness...not being a “handy-man”.

12:49 — Cody Thompson admits to one of his weaknesses...talking too much.

14:24 — Patrick Lencioni unpacks the idea that vulnerability is attractive and draws people in.

15:13 — Vulnerability is liberating for the individual, powerful for the team and attractive to why do we construct our identity around our strengths and not airing our weaknesses?

16:33 — Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson explain why and how we need each other on a team.

18:19 — Patrick Lencioni tells a story about his son related to this topic.

20:12 — Patrick Lencioni gives some real-world examples of invulnerability and how it’s hurt that person.  

23:25 — Cody Thompson relates this topic to Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story.  

24:57 — Patrick Lencioni gives the listeners some homework related to this topic.  

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