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5. Curing Job Misery

By Patrick Lencioni - September 2019

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5. Curing Job Misery

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Job misery is an epidemic in today’s working world and there is a simple cure. Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson provide an easy (and free) solution to help managers address job misery and develop engaged, fulfilled employees. 

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Show Notes

0:52 — Anonymity is a job killer 

1:50 —Patrick Lencioni describes his experience with anonymity 

4:33 — People leave managers more often then they leave their jobs 

7:47 — Cody Thompson describes the importance of being known in your workplace 

9:20 — Patrick Lencioni describes the value of being known in your job 

12:01 — The parameters around engaging in human relationships at work 

13:20 — Culture of Management  

17:09 — Patrick tells leaders what they can do to improve Employee Engagement   

19:05 — Mailbox Questions 

21:55 — Patrick answers the question “How do I become a better storyteller?” 

24:50 — Patrick overcomes the objection of not having enough time to have important meeting. 

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