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7. Robot CEO

By Patrick Lencioni - September 2019

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7. Robot CEO

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Self-control isn’t always a good thing.  Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson weigh in on robot CEOs and the human side of leadership. They discuss why passion, emotion, and humanity so important as a leader?  Patrick gives a rapper name to everyone in the office.  

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Show Notes

3:28 — Patrick Lencioni debunks the idea that showing emotions is a sign of weakness  

5:40 — Positive emotion  

6:06 — Patrick Lencioni describes importance of emotion and interviewing 

7:35 — How leaders fail at showing emotion and the effect it has on employees 

11:29 — Patrick Lencioni wonders why emotion is acceptable in every area of life, except for CEOs 

12:00 — Cody Thompson describes Smart vs. Healthy 

14:01 — Patrick Lencioni talks about the importance of being able to genuinely connect with people 

17:50 — Cody Thompson talks about the importance of emotion  

20:19 — Patrick Lencioni gives leaders advice  

21:30 — Patrick Lencioni gives everyone in the office a rapper name 

23:00 — Patrick Lencioni describes how emotion leads to innovation 

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