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8. The Power of Personality Profiles

By Patrick Lencioni - October 2019

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8. The Power of Personality Profiles

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Without understanding how people are wired it makes it difficult to be a great leader, team member, spouse and even parent.  Principal Consultant Debbie Ellisen joins the podcast to discuss the fundamental attribution error, the Myers-Briggs, why Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson talk too much at dinner and much more. 

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Show Notes

2:29 — Patrick Lencioni explains The Fundamental Attribution Error. 

5:09 — Patrick Lencioni gives an overview of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

8:02 — How do you direct and receive energy? (Extraversion vs Introversion) 

11:32 — How do you gather information? (Sensing vs Intuition) 

13:56 — How do you make decisions? (Thinking vs Feeling) 

15:49 — How do you organize your world? (Judging vs Perceiving) 

18:20 — Debbie Ellisen explains how personality profiles show up on a team. 

22:20 — Why other personality profiles work: DiSC, Working Styles, Enneagram. 

22:57 — Patrick Lencioni tells a success story about personality profiles.  

25:42 — Debbie Ellisen and Patrick Lencioni talk about accelerating vulnerability. 

27:15 — Patrick Lencioni speaks on how personality profiles show up in family life.  

30:50 — Patrick Lencioni shares how personality profiles show up in other areas of life.

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