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9. Managing Up Without Sucking Up

By Patrick Lencioni - October 2019

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9. Managing Up Without Sucking Up

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson navigate the tough question “What if the problem is above me?”  How can telling your boss the kind truth be better for their leadership, your team, and the direction of the organization? 

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Show Notes

1:21 — Patrick introduces the three big things we can do to navigate conversations with your boss  

1:30 — 1. Do not assume that your boss is managing or leading the way they want to 

2:54 — 2. Opportunity for your career and your organization to have hard conversations 

3:06 — 3. Tell your boss the kind truth 

4:20 — Patrick Lencioni talks about courage and humility  

5:07  Cody Thompson talks about the importance of humility 

6:11 — Patrick Lencioni gives personal stories around people telling him the kind truth 

8:35 — Cody Thompson asks the question “What is the cost of not doing this?” 

13:01 — The Table Group Team Assessment

15:41 — Patrick Lencioni answers questions from Listeners 

17:09 — People want to work for leaders who admit that they are wrong 

18:20 — Patrick Lencioni talks about how to become more Hungry, Humble, Smart. 

19:33 — Patrick Lencioni describes why he hate consensus 

20:30 — Cody Thompson asks Patrick about “clarity over certainty” 

21:45 — Patrick talks about the importance of conflict norms and conflict profiles  

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