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The Difference Trust Makes


Members of teams with an absence of trust...

• Conceal their weaknesses and mistakes from one another

• Hesitate to ask for help or provide constructive feedback

• Hesitate to offer help outside their own areas of responsibility

• Jump to conclusions about the intentions and aptitudes of others without attempting to clarify them

• Fail to recognize and tap into one another’s skills and experiences

• Waste time and energy managing their behaviors for effect

• Hold grudges

• Dread meetings and find reasons to avoid spending time together

Members of trusting teams...

• Admit weaknesses and mistakes

• Ask for help

• Accept questions and input about their areas of responsibility

• Give one another the benefit of the doubt before arriving at a negative conclusion

• Take risks in offering feedback and assistance

• Appreciate and tap into one another’s skills and experiences

• Focus time and energy on important issues, not politics

• Offer and accept apologies without hesitation

• Look forward to meetings and other opportunities to work as a group

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