The Power of Naked Service

Hosted By Patrick Lencioni, Jeff Gibson, and Chris Jenson

April 15 2020
Daily Inspiration
"By demonstrating generosity and trust, you drastically increase the likelihood of making them a client, not to mention proving to them that you can help them"
-Patrick Lencioni
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Naked Service Defined

Naked service requires the provider to be vulnerable—to embrace uncommon levels of humility, selflessness and transparency for the good of the client. Client loyalty and trust are achieved by overcoming the three fears.

At the Table Podcast

The Power of Naked Service

Pat and Cody are joined by a few colleagues (Jeff, James, and Chris) to discuss three counter-intuitive ways to win client loyalty and turn existing clients into raving fans. They explore the benefits of "getting naked" and offer advice on how to overcome the fears that can prevent you from securing new clients and building your business.