HR Professionals/Internal Practitioners - Thematic Goal  (28:50 - 1:29:25)
Make yourself an even greater asset to the leaders you serve by learning how to help their teams establish a rally cry or thematic goal, which will yield them more focused meetings, alignment and improved decision-making.

Experienced Consultants - Addressing Stubborn Clients    (2:29:05 - 3:29:30)
There’s a significant difference between a ‘happy client’ and true transformation. To achieve true transformation, we have to sometimes take risks as consultants and even be willing to lose a client for it. Learn how to provoke difficult conversations with clients and help them accomplish necessary breakthroughs. 

New Consultants - Crafting Your Elevator Pitch     (4:29:30 - 5:19:05)
Have you struggled to articulate to prospective clients what you do as an organizational health consultant and how you can help them? Learn how to confidently talk about the work we do and the value that we bring to clients.