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We hope you enjoyed Pat's talk. Below you will find a few resources that help you understand, and perhaps adjust, your leadership motive so that you can fully embrace the difficult and critical duties that the leader must fulfill.

Pat Lencioni Podcast

At The Table with Pat Lencioni

We are excited to announce Pat's podcast launching in early August! At The Table with Patrick Lencioni is intended to provide practical advice for everyday leaders. In his simple and approachable style, Pat tackles every topic related to the world of work (and some that aren't), and uses his wisdom, humor and insight to provide actionable advice for leaders everywhere. We invite you to join Pat at the table. Subscribe to the podcast today!

More from Pat Lencioni and the Tablegroup

Leaders: Start a Teamwork Initiative on Your Own

We have a suite of products based on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team to help leaders address the behavioral obstacles to teamwork.

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