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2. Stop Hiring the Wrong People

By Patrick Lencioni - August 2019

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2. Stop Hiring the Wrong People

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson explore why so many companies hire poorly. They present three qualities to look for in an interview that has nothing to do with technical expertise or experience. They reveal the most dangerous hire that companies should avoid at all costs.

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Show Notes

7:50 — Patrick Lencioni defines the humble, hungry & smart model.

11:00 — Patrick Lencioni describes people who have just one of the three virtues.

11:23 — People who are only humble: The Pawn

12:19 — People who are only hungry: The Bulldozer

12:53 — People who are only smart: The Charmer

14:19 — Patrick Lencioni describes people who have two of the three virtues.

14:48 — People who are humble and hungry: Accidental Mess-Maker.

15:42 — People who are humble and smart: Lovable Slacker.

17:17 — People who are smart and hungry: Skillful Politician.

18:36 — Cody Thompson asks Patrick Lencioni how to interview within this model.

19:25 — Interview Tip 1: have a non-traditional interview process

23:14 — Patrick Lencioni gives an example of hiring based on company values – Southwest Airlines

26:20 — Interview Tip 2: ask the question three times.

31:28 — Interview Tip 3: who should be doing the interviewing?

33:25 — Interview Tip 4: scare them with sincerity.