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about organizational health

The Benefits of Organizational Health

In order to maximize its results, an organization must be smart and healthy. Smart organizations are good at decision sciences like strategy, marketing, finance and technology, all of which are critical. Healthy organizations create the kind of cultures that take advantage of being smart. They minimize the poisons of politics and confusion, and raise morale and productivity, all the while reducing turnover among their best employees.

about organizational health

Signs of a Healthy Organization

  • Minimal Politics
  • Minimal Confusion
  • High Morale
  • High Productivity
  • Low Turn-over

Our Story

In 1997, we started The Table Group with the goal of making work better, for ourselves, our clients and, perhaps, one day for organizations all over the world. At the time, we were working together at a software company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Back then, we developed and tested some concrete theories about why some organizations were effective and healthy, and others dysfunctional and unhealthy. As the culture in the company where we worked began to erode, we decided to launch our own consulting firm to help leaders improve their organizations, most of which were smallish companies in the Bay Area.

More than two decades later, we've now published eleven books that have sold more than six million copies and been translated into thirty languages. We've also developed a wide range of products and services related to making organizations healthier, teams more cohesive, and employees more engaged and fulfilled in their work. And we've trained more than fifty consultants to work with leaders in all types of amazing organizations around the world.

Today, our focus is on leading a movement to make organizational health a reality in companies and organizations everywhere. That's because we are utterly convinced that a healthy organization achieves greater results, builds a more loyal customer base, and develops fulfilled employees. Doesn't every leader want that?

Meet Our People

Patrick  Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni

Founder and President

Amy  Hiett

Amy Hiett

General Manager

Jeff  Gibson

Jeff Gibson

President, Consulting

Tracy  Noble

Tracy Noble

Chief Development Officer

Karen  Amador

Karen Amador

Consulting Services

Jackie  Finn

Jackie Finn


Cody  Thompson

Cody Thompson

Ideas and Content

Dani  Tardiff

Dani Tardiff

Product and Customer Support

Our Approach

Healthy companies win. And the people who work in them thrive.

Our hope is that organizational health will become a practical standard for any company that wants to achieve a competitive advantage and maximize its success. We are working towards a future where healthy, successful companies outnumber those that aren't. Everything we do is practical, relevant and fast and you’ll never get anything gimmicky or touchy-feely from us. Let us help you build a healthy organization.

Corporate Headquarters

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