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3. The Upside of Conflict

By Patrick Lencioni - August 2019

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3. The Upside of Conflict

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni tackles one of his favorite topics. He and Cody Thompson discuss why conflict is critical on teams and why so many companies avoid it at all costs. Patrick Lencioni provides practical tips for leaders and teams looking to bring more healthy conflict into their decision making.

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Show Notes

1:11 Patrick Lencioni introduces why conflict is necessary on teams

3:12 Lack of conflict inhibits innovation

4:21 Lack of conflict leads to bad decision making 

5:34 Lack of conflict around ideas ferments into conflict around people

6:59 Patrick Lencioni describes the right amount of conflict

7:34 People have to “weigh in to buy in”

10:16 Conflict without trust is politics 

15:01 Understanding conflict norms and conflict profiles

16:48 Karen Amador joins the podcast

17:56 Karen Amador describes the importance of conflict at The Table Group

18:31 Patrick Lencioni describes the conflict continuum

20:30 How good conflict at work can affect good conflict at home

21:21 Stories of good conflict

24:50 Patrick Lencioni talks about how to have good conflict 

25:00 Patrick Lencioni on the importance of Trust

27:25 Cody Thompson asks “What is the fastest way to build trust?”

29:09 Patrick Lencioni describes the Fundamental Attribution Error

29:59 “Mining” for Conflict 

30:36 Cody Thompson defines “Real Time Permission”

32:20 Conflict builds health relationships