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33. Org Health in a Health Crisis

By Patrick Lencioni - March 2020

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33. Org Health in a Health Crisis

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Pat is joined by Dr. Bill Morice from the Mayo Clinic to discuss the coronavirus crisis and leading a healthy organization in the midst of a pandemic.

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Show Notes

0:54 — Patrick Lencioni introduces Dr. Bill Morice

2:33 — Dr. Bill Morice describes how quickly the world is changing during the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of leadership

4:00 — Dr. Bill Morice predicts the phases of how the United States needs to address Covid-19

7:00 — Dr. Bill Morice talks about how the leaders and employees are responding to this crisis at the mayo clinic

8:10 — Patrick Lencioni ask Dr. Bill Morice how organizational health has changed the mayo clinic for the better

11:30 — Dr. Bill Morice gives a real life example of how organizational health has changed the way the non-profit and the for profit side of the mayo clinic

13:47 — How do you convince doctors that organizational health is relevant to their business

15:15 — Overcoming objections

16:21 — The importance of leaders leading with vulnerability

16:47 — Patrick Lencioni asks Dr. Bill Morice, How does a healthy organization and a good culture translate to patient care

19:04 — Why not every doctor is a not fit at the Mayo Clinic

20:10 — Patrick Lencioni, What is the biggest difference between working in a hospital or working outside in the business world

22:10 — Dr. Bill Morice speaks about how becoming a healthy organization has helped him and his team deal with this current crisis

28:20 — Cody Thompson joins Patrick Lencioni to debrief the interview with Dr. Bill Morice