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42. Why Your CEO Doesn’t Get It

By Patrick Lencioni - May 2020

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42. Why Your CEO Doesn’t Get It

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Pat, Cody, and Chris discuss the three biases that prevent leaders from truly embracing organizational health. And they explore how conditioned we are to think that the “smart” side of the equation is more important than “health.”

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Show Notes

1:24 – What does Patrick Lencioni mean by “it”.

2:05 – Cody Thompson shares an example of a CEO ignoring the healthy side of an organization.

4:05 – Patrick Lencioni and Chris Jenson compare understanding health in your head vs your heart.

5:44 – Patrick Lencioni shares that CEO’s understand organizational health intellectually…but that’s not enough.

6:15 – Patrick Lencioni shares the three biases most CEOs have against organizational health.

8:06 – Bias 1: Sophistication

10:08 – Patrick Lencioni relates the sophistication bias to the NFL.

12:15 – Patrick Lencioni and Chris Jenson explains how most people underestimate the power of simple clarity.

14:36 – Bias 2: Adrenaline

15:27 – Cody Thompson and Chris Jenson relate the disciplines of physical health to Organizational Health.

17:42 – Chris Jenson reminds listeners that Organizational Health is the responsibility of the leader.

18:21 – Bias 3: Quantification Bias

19:47 – Patrick Lencioni shares his experience with the quantification bias prior to founding The Table Group.

20:29 – Cody Thompson unpacks the ROI of Organizational Health.  It is huge, but difficult to measure.

23:04 – Patrick Lencioni explains how Organizational Health will help CEOs keep their best people on the team.

24:55 – Cody Thompson helps listeners think about Organizational Health as a long-term paradigm shift.

26:23 – Patrick Lencioni relates Organizational Health to sports teams. Example: San Antonio Spurs

26:56 – Cody argues that Organizational Health multiplies the smart side of an organization.

28:13 – How to engage with The Table Group and others about organizational health.