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26. Stop Agreeing to Disagree

By Patrick Lencioni - February 2020

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26. Stop Agreeing to Disagree

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Conflict with trust is the pursuit of truth or the best idea.  Too many teams, families and friends stop short of the best answer because they "agree to disagree."  Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson suggest a different approach - convince or be convinced.  

Show Notes

2:37  Patrick Lencioni explains what this looks like in the corporate world. 

3:28  Agreeing to disagree causes people below you to fight “bloody unwinnable battles”. 

4:06  Cody Thompson shares the idea that everyone needs to weigh in before they buy in. 

4:41  There are two requirements for this…do I love this person & do I care about the topic?

7:08  Patrick Lencioni explains how this applies to home life as well. 

8:06  Cody Thompson states: the right answer is worth fighting about. 

8:26  Patrick Lencioni argues that people usually agree to disagree because they don’t want to admit they’re wrong. 

10:12  Cody Thompson explains that the goal is to find the best answer, not win the debate. 

11:05  Artificial harmony vs fighting just to win the debate.

13:00  Cody Thompson shares a story behind the idea of “convince or be convinced.”

14:31  Patrick Lencioni answers: Can there be two truths?  Your truth vs my truth…

15:14  Conflict with trust is pursuit of truth.  Conflict without trust is politics. 

16:37  Cody Thompson shares that the idea that trust is the foundation of healthy conflict. 

17:47  Patrick Lencioni reads some funny negative reviews on his books.

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