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34. War for Jobs

By Patrick Lencioni - April 2020

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34. War for Jobs

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni calls everyone to enlist in the war for jobs. He proposes some ideas for companies, leaders and workers to help save jobs and sacrifice for the greater good. 


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Show Notes

1:30 — Patrick Lencioni reads a short note titled The War on Jobs.

4:12 — Chris Jenson gives an example of a leader considering layoffs vs voluntary pay-cuts. 

6:43 — Patrick Lencioni explains what benefits come from a voluntary pay-cuts at the top level.

8:09 — How does financial sacrifice and helping others affect morale?

10:35 — Chris Jenson explains how great teamwork is the foundation for The War on Jobs

11:54 — Cody Thompson shares that the leader must be willing to make the hard call. 

12:53 — Chris Jenson compares making a hard-inhumane decision vs an even harder humane decision. 

13:55 — Is every leader managing exactly how they want to?

14:52 — Patrick Lencioni shares what this looks like within The Table Group team. 

15:40 — What should this look like for organizations that are thriving during COVID-19?

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