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38. Why We Innovate in a Crisis

By Patrick Lencioni - April 2020

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38. Why We Innovate in a Crisis

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Pat and the team analyze why they have been able to innovate during this time and how we can bring that creativity and urgency back with us into the new normal.

Show Notes

2:16 — Patrick Lencioni compares innovation vs invention...what’s the difference?

2:42 — How do personality types play into innovation?  Case in point...Lynne Fiorindo. 

3:40 — Patrick Lencioni asks the team: How has “lockdown” changed the way we work...good or bad?

5:24 — Patrick explains how innovation does not happen on a schedule. 

7:14 — Cody Thompson shares how The Table Group’s new mental shift during this quarantine time.

9:26 — Patrick Lencioni asks the team: How do we virtually “burn our ships” so we don’t fall back on old unhealthy habits? 

9:48 — Patrick Lencioni unpacks why silos in a crisis breakdown fast. 

12:18 — Patrick Lencioni shares why conflict is crucial during innovation.

14:23 — How is Southwest Airlines innovating during this crisis?

15:02 — Cody Thompson shares why it is important to place action in place of process during a crisis. 

15:41 — Lynne Fiorindo and Amy Hiett discuss why during a crisis, conflict needs to be done quicker, deeper and with more grace.

17:40 — Patrick Lencioni asks a big question: how do we keep this “crisis mentality” alive when this crisis is over? 

19:20 — The team shares how this crisis mentality has changed the team at Table Group. 

21:13 — Cody Thompson shares how this crisis idea applies to personal relationships as well.

22:20 — Patrick Lencioni wraps us with the thought that crisis heightens the sense of need of the people we serve.

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