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6. Meetings and Movies

By Patrick Lencioni - September 2019

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6. Meetings and Movies

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Most meetings are bad – but they shouldn’t be. Pat and Codydiscuss how leaders can borrow from the secrets of screenwritersand film directors to make their meetings more compelling andengaging. Pat draws on his own experience writing screenplays, andpresents concepts from his book “Death By Meeting”. For…

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Show Notes

0:54 — Patrick Lencioni explains why meetings are bad.

2:03 — Patrick compares meetings to movies.

3:37 — What is at the heart of great meetings & movies?  Conflict and tension.

4:56 — Patrick Lencioni explains the need to nurture good conflict.

6:00 — The most important part of a meeting – the hook.

7:11 — A movie with a great hook: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

8:59 — Patrick Lencioni explains how to hook the team at the beginning of a meeting.

10:48 — Patrick Lencioni unpacks the weight of the first ten minutes of a meeting.

12:00 — You should be emotionally invested in a meeting, just like a movie.

15:00 — Listener Question: How can you help organizations get master Organizational Health?

16:23 — Listener Question: What to do when the leader isn’t interested in teamwork and vulnerability?

17:56 — Listener Question: How would Patrick Lencioni recommend evaluating an organizations health?

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