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Consulting Services

We help you create a healthier organization by providing individualized solutions to your specific situation—no matter your industry, the size of your organization, or where you are in the world.

Consulting Services

Our consulting approach is practical, relevant and fast.

Executive Offsite

The perfect starting point for any organizational health endeavor, our two-day leadership off-site is a highly interactive, fast-paced session to help leadership teams assess their organization's overall health, build team cohesiveness, and maximize their competitive advantage.

Custom Organizational Health Journey

Fully leveraging the competitive advantage organizational health offers requires on-going focus and effort by CEOs and their teams. Our consultants design and lead a unique process that will ensure the long-term establishment and adoption of organizational health.

Our team of principal consultants are experienced in delivering Executive Offsites and Custom Journeys in both in-person and virtual settings. We recognize the benefits of both options and will work to design the most effective method for your unique circumstance.

Our Clients

Our Consultants:

United States

Al  Amador

Al Amador

Lafayette, CA Tel: 925-787-9571
Hrishi  Baskaran

Hrishi Baskaran

Dallas, TX / Toronto, ON Tel: 401-556-5224
Bob  Bernatz

Bob Bernatz

Newport Beach, CA Tel: 949-413-3963
Pam  Bilbrey

Pam Bilbrey

Atlanta, GA / Pensacola, FL Tel: 850-572-3750
Gordon  Blocker

Gordon Blocker

Little Rock, AR Tel: 214-907-2442
James  Felton

James Felton

Scottsdale, AZ Tel: 480-395-4300
Keith  Hadley

Keith Hadley

Chicago, IL Tel: 708-539-5516
Brad  Haynes

Brad Haynes

Germantown, TN Tel: 901-896-6747
David  Hoyt

David Hoyt

Atlanta, GA Tel: 678-898-2218
Liz  Hughes

Liz Hughes

St. Louis, MO Tel: 636-288-0521
Chris  Jenson

Chris Jenson

Portland, OR Tel: 925-570-8970
Brian  Jones

Brian Jones

Washington, DC Tel: 850-712-7828
Kristine  Kern

Kristine Kern

San Francisco, CA Tel: 646-675-3242
Waldemar  Kohl

Waldemar Kohl

Boston, MA Tel: 603-918-2288
Krista  Kotrla

Krista Kotrla

Dallas, TX Tel: 517-331-5165
Glenn  Lyday

Glenn Lyday

San Francisco, CA Tel: 415-279-9080
Nate   Nielsen

Nate Nielsen

Bend, OR Tel: 503-896-2523
Daniel   Massick

Daniel Massick

San Francisco, CA Tel: 925-299-9700
Mike  McHargue

Mike McHargue

Boise, ID Tel: 208-866-8622
Rick  Packer

Rick Packer

Atlanta, GA Tel: 678-485-9752
Sandra  Palmer

Sandra Palmer

Sarasota, FL Tel: 617-417-2700
Angela  Quail

Angela Quail

Chico, CA Tel 650-799-7752
Pat  Richie

Pat Richie

Houston, TX Tel: 925-785-2433
John  Rodriguez

John Rodriguez

Dublin, CA Tel: 510-543-4250
Casey  Thompson

Casey Thompson

Salt Lake City, UT Tel: 801-814-7772
Joyce  Schaefer

Joyce Schaefer

St. Louis, MO Tel: 314-651-0436
Shelly  Setzer

Shelly Setzer

Denver, CO Tel: 719-660-3961
David  Simpson

David Simpson

Dallas, TX Tel: 401-965-6111
Neil  Sullivan

Neil Sullivan

Walnut Creek, CA Tel: 925-876-5856
Kevin  Twomey

Kevin Twomey

Cary, NC Tel: 248-763-1790
Rick  Van Arnam

Rick Van Arnam

Chicago, IL Tel: 312-608-6556
Angela  Vasquez

Angela Vasquez

Austin, TX Tel: 512-657-8422
Bill  Weingartner

Bill Weingartner

Denver, CO Tel: 303-961-8227


Grant  Furlong

Grant Furlong

London, UK Tel: +44 (0) 7899-621649
Mike  Snelling

Mike Snelling

London, UK Tel: +44 (0) 7734-942556
Joe  Kay

Joe Kay

Berkshire, UK Tel: +44 (0) 7815-786526
Alan  Millard

Alan Millard

York, UK Tel: +44 (0) 7785-111284
Andrew  Moore

Andrew Moore

Brisbane, Queensland, AU Tel: +61 414-710-082
Matt  Lashbrook

Matt Lashbrook

Brisbane, Queensland, AU Tel: +61 421-504-030
Sabrina  Ibe

Sabrina Ibe

Zürich, CH Tel: +41 76-204-1848
Brian  Petersen

Brian Petersen

Copenhagen, DK Tel: +45 2937-1733
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