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19. Making Strategy Simple

By Patrick Lencioni - December 2019

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19. Making Strategy Simple

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Your organization's strategy should be simple and usable. Chris joins Pat and Cody to demystify "strategy". They share examples of companies who get it right and provide a framework for developing three strategic filters that should provide the context for all decision-making.



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Show Notes

00:48 — Six Critical Questions every company must answer 

01:05 — Question 1: Why do we exist?  One questions every company must answer 

01:11 — Question 2: How do we behave? Creating culture and values 

01:17 — Question 3: What do we do? 

02:02 — Question 4: How will we succeed? 

04:12 —  Patrick Lencioni describes how The Table Group boils down strategy to 3 simple things 

05:31 — Patrick Lencioni, “A strategy needs to be understandable, memorable, actionable and wise” 

06:00 — Chris Jenson on mistakes companies make between strategy and goal setting 

06:45 — Patrick Lencioni defines what “empowerment” should mean 

09:20 — Patrick Lencioni gives examples of companies that use simple strategies effectively 

13:55 — Chris Jenson talk about the difference between customer satisfaction and strategy 

15:00 — Cody Thompson talks about the dignity of the human employee 

16:28 — Chris Jenson talks about’s strategic anchors and how they use them 

20:40 — Patrick Lencioni explains why most companies are not strategic 

21:43 — The Table Group’s strategic anchors and how we use them 

27:27 — Patrick Lencioni recommends The Discipline of Market Leaders and defines it’s importance  

28:40 — Product Leadership 

29:48  Customer Intimacy 

31:48 — Operational Excellence 

35:01  Cody Thompson summarizes how you can make strategy simple 


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