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20. Start With Vulnerability

By Patrick Lencioni - December 2019

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20. Start With Vulnerability

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Patrick Lencioni’s wife Laura joins the podcast to discuss the power of vulnerability at work and at home.


Show Notes

2:01  Patrick Lencioni explains how vulnerability relates to trust. 

3:32  Cody Thompson asks if vulnerability is soft and why does the leader need to go first? 

5:10  Vulnerability example: Alan Mulally 

6:23 — Cody Thompson unpacks invulnerability vs lack of accountability.

8:02  Patrick Lencioni shares how vulnerability and teamwork relate.

8:27  Patrick Lencioni and Cody Thompson walk listeners through the personal histories exercise.  

9:47  Cody Thompson shares a real work example of vulnerability-based trust. 

11:09  Laura Lencioni shares what happens when a team member won’t be vulnerable. 

12:25  Patrick and Laura Lencioni share how personality types help with vulnerability. 

13:09  Patrick Lencioni shares a real-world example of personality types.  

13:56  Patrick Lencioni explains the Fundamental Attribution Error.

14:56  Patrick & Laura Lencioni share how these principles help marriages and personal relationships too?

16:58  Cody Thompson explains why you don’t build deep relationships with time; you build them with vulnerability. 

17:52  Cody Thompson shares how he uses vulnerability to assess his personal friendships. 

20:15  Cody Thompson unpacks how you should start with vulnerability in your personal relationships and workplace relationships. 

21:28  Patrick Lencioni gives examples of personality types used in family life to promote vulnerability. 

24:25  Cody asks Patrick Lencioni why the phrase “Don’t let them see you sweat” is the opposite of vulnerability.

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