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21. What's Your Rallying Cry

By Patrick Lencioni - January 2020

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21. What's Your Rallying Cry

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode Summary

Forget a new year's resolution, you and your team need a rallying cry.  Jeff and Chris join the podcast to take a deep dive into one of the most practical and useful tools we use with our clients.  When everything is important, nothing is important.  Join the conversation and learn how to set a single, near-term priority for you and your team.


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Show Notes

1:45 — The Importance of a Rallying Cry: Question 5 What is the most important thing right now?

3:45 — Cody Thompson defines Rallying Cry

4:50 — Chris Jenson describes the difference between priorities and a Rallying Cry. 

6:10 — How Patrick Lencioni came up with the idea of a Rallying Cry and what teams do well

8:10 — Why crisis mentality is more effective than having multiple priorities

9:15 — Patrick Lencioni describes how having a Rallying Cry can eliminate silos within a company

10:00 — Patrick Lencioni and Jeff Gibson give real life examples of client’s Rallying Cry.

12:50 — When everything is important, nothing is

14:20 — How a Rallying Cry can help a leadership team focus time and resources

15:30 — Cody Thompson describes how Alan Mullaly used a Rallying Cry at Ford Motor Company

16:32 — The Three Big Question for a Frantic Family and a Rallying Cry

19:15 — Patrick Lencioni on how companies can use a Rallying Cry to know what to say “No” to

21:00 — Jeff Gibson talks about how teams can celebrate completing a Thematic Goal and moving on the next one

23:30 — Patrick Lencioni defines Defining Objective and Standard Operating Objectives

25:25 — Chris Jenson believes that companies should replace 5 year goals with a Thematic Goal

27:50 — Jeff Gibson defines the four attributes of a Thematic Goal 

29:00 — Patrick Lencioni explains the difference between a Thematic Goal and a Defining Objective

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